Duron supports a variety of companies throughout the year. Furthermore, the support he provides comes in the form of investments, coaching, resources, and much more. Through Tinner Enterprises LLC, Duron works with startup businesses on building their infrastructure and expanding their operations. Also, through the Tinner Family Foundation, Duron works with nonprofits in accomplishing their missions and creating thriving communities. However, there are three ways startups can receive his support.

  1. Apply for sponsorship through Tinner Enterprises LLC or Tinner Family Foundation.
  2. Be a current or former mentee of Duron’s
  3. Be enrolled in an approved partner program.

Nonetheless, you can see the profit companies Duron supports below.

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Delivering a Difference
is a nonprofit founded with the mission of supporting the homeless community in Washington state. They provide clothing, food, hygiene products and more for the homeless community on Saturdays each month.

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Gifted Hands
helps communities celebrate milestones in their lives. They specialize in gifts for baby showers, graduations, and more. The company was founded by a survivor of lupus, cancer, and raynaud’s to show others that we are greater than our struggles.

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Generation Innovation
serves young entrepreneurs and social innovators in starting their own businesses. Also, they provide business plan competitions for high school youth in the Washington state area.

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Green Leisure Club
is a small company based in Seattle, WA, which delivers high-quality adventure travel experiences for the cannabis community. Also, we provide hemp products to help save the environment and CBD products to support healthy and happy lifestyles.

Neural Synergy
utilizes the natural powers of light to provide clients with non-invasive, drug-free alternatives to reducing pain and enhancing overall health and well-being. Also, we provide natural supplements to help you improve your health outcomes.

Seattle University
At Seattle University, Duron has several roles and supports a variety of projects. Firstly, he serves as the President of the African American Alumni Chapter. Also, he serves as the Membership Chair for the Business Owners Alliance. Lastly, he supports pre-collegiate summer programs for the University.